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  • Preparation and application of strategies and practices in the area of social services in the area of sexual equality, integration of the minority groups, and policies for the youth.
  • Preparation and realization of projects for groups in disadvantaged positions
  • Development and implementation of programs for professional education
  • Organization of training for development of members
  • Building partnerships, exchange of information, and participation in national and international networks for work collaboration.
  • Offering programs and consultation services – social, psychological, legal, education, and other services.
  • Providing a space where women victims of abuse can receive the emotional support they need.
  • Establish contacts with government institutions, local authorities, businesses, and academic units, as well as with international organizations and donor programs which support Non-Profit Organizations and their activities.
  • Advocate civil rights.
  • Motivation and active involvement in the public life of individuals and groups marginalized due to differences in characters such as social, cultural, religious, or health.

Strategic Goals

  • Assist the formation and implementation of public policies in social, health, educational, culture, and sport fields based on established priorities and needs.
  • Development and realization of social strategies and practices.
  • Work towards inclusion of disadvantaged youths, adults, and families in society.
  • Identification, protection, and lobbying for the development and application of policies for the youth.
  • Improving the quality of professional education and training for different groups of professionals.
  • Supporting the process of integration of minority groups in Bulgarian society.
  • Achieving gender equality as integral part of economy, social, and democratic development. Achieving economic equality between men and women by eliminating the pay gap between the sexes. Development of entrepreneurship for women by developing policies for social protection against poverty. Fighting against multiple discrimination and achieving a balance between work and private/family life. Flexible employment for men and women and improving the quality of care services for all age groups. Improving the quality of care services for all age groups. Achieving a balance between men and women in the care of children and other dependent family members. Improvement of the equal participation of men and women in the decision making process and promoting the participation of women in politics, business, science, and technology. Elimination of gender-based violence such as domestic violence, trafficking of women, sexual harassment in the workplace and eliminating gender stereotypes in society including education, culture, labor market, and the media.
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