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Completed Projects

Project I: “Sills for successful social integration after institutional care”

Project II: “Civil Monitoring in the Police”

Project III: “Government delegated activity for Crisis Center for Children and Adults Victims of Violence”

Project V: “Improvement of efficiency of Non-Profit Organizations dealing with socially significant problem through the provision of comprehensive care for victims of domestic violence and development of training programs for prevention of violence among the youth”

Project VI: “Increasing the capacity of the border communities with the goal to provide social services and implementation of European policies in the social sphere”

Project VII: “Development and distribution of the model “Coordinated response of the community” in Bulgaria, monitoring and legal practices for effective implementation of the law on protection from domestic violence”

Project VIII: “Yes! In Action!”

Project IX: “Validation and distribution of good practices for protection and rehabilitation of victims of domestic violence and specialized programs for the perpetrators through effective consultation and inter-institutional exchange”

Project X: “Yes! In Action 2!”

Project XI: “Hate Speech Online”

Project XII: “Second National Tour Born without Love”

Project XIII: “Country Delegated Action for Center for Prevention of Crime and Violence”

Project XIV: “I.O.R. – Impact of Relationship”

Project XV: “The Organization of Competition for Bocce for Children with Special Educational Needs”

Project XVI: “Encouragement of Voluntary Activities and Initiatives on the Issue of Human Rights, Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Hate Speech among Youths Between Ages of 13-18”

Project XVII: “JUSTICE CLOSE TO THE PEOPLE: second phase”

Project XVIII:ASBAE /Addressing Sexual Bullying Across Europe/”

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