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Обучение в условията на COVID 19

On the 9th of June 2020 there was an online meeting and training of 13 9th grade students from the Professional School of Tourism in Burgas, participants in the “Human Rights and Institutions” Club, led by Mrs. Iva Mitkova – Angelova – senior teacher of history and civilization. The Demetra Association team included 2 specialists – trainers in the violence prevention programs – a social worker and a psychologist. After the general presentation of the Association Demetra’s activities, the students were informed about the various types of violence, the reasons behind aggressive behavior in young people, the consequences for both the victims and perpetrators of violence. The students actively participated in discussions and asked many relevant questions regarding domestic violence, human trafficking, where and how they are most likely to occur, whether there was a rise in the number of violence cases in the light of the COVID – 19 pandemic. They listened carefully and were particularly interested to hear examples from actual cases from the practice of “Demetra”’s social services.

Both the students and group leader expressed a desire to continue the meetings and discussions related to the problems of violence during the following school year with the help of the “Hedgehogs” and “Stop Sexual Bullying” programs. The two programs were presented in front of 20 pedagogical advisors from primary and secondary schools in the Burgas region and the inspectors from the Juvenile delinquency commission in the district. 

The programs are also provided to the Burgas Free University and  University “Prof. Dr. A. Zlatarov ”, as well as theUniversity of Plovdiv “P. Hilendarski ” to be included in the official curriculum, in order to raise awareness and  increase the students’ sensitivity in the matters of violence and bullying prevention.